Cake base

we take one kind of base per tier cake

You can choose between three rich and tasteful varieties: vanilla, chocolate and red velvet.

We use fresh, local and high quality ingredients that offers the best of texture and flavor.

Cake design is not just about design. It can be the design that catches your eye, but it is the taste that makes you come back.

Our cakes are round and tall, and decorated in a modern, minimalist and remarkable fashion.

The cakes have at least four layers of cake base and three layers of filling! The flavors of bases and fillings and types of decoration are listed bellow:


Details can combine in countless manners to make every cake absolutely unique!

At Sukker på Toppen, all vary between the basic types: nakedsemi naked and buttercream finish.

Here you see an example of each, but remember that they will be unique with your details.

See more of the decorations on our Portfolio


we take one type filling per tier cake

At least three layers of filling is not something that goes unnoticed! All fillings are handmade with local quality ingredients.

Below you see all the filling types and possible combinations with fruit.

raspberry cream

coconut cream

with pineapple bits

lemon cream

vanilla cream

with raspberry or strawberry bits

Oreo cream

cream cheese filling

salted caramell cream

chocolate mousse

with raspberry or strawberry bits

white chocolate mousse

with raspberry bits

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